Unfortunately it is not possible for us at the moment to translate our complete website into all of the seven most commonly spoken foreign languages in Stuttgart. We apologise for the inconvenience. We have made the most important information available to you in your native language here.

What does Palliativ-Netz Stuttgart do?
And why?

Passing away, death and mourning are taboo topics. Although they have become an issue of public discussion and are dealt with in the media, they are often avoided in personal conversation. However, dialogue is important for finding help.

In Stuttgart there is a lot of support for people at the end of their life and for their relatives. There are stationary hospices, ambulant hospice services, bedside watch groups, palliative wards, contact and outreach clinics, psycho-oncologists, ministers, support for relatives, family doctors... But still, many people concerned or their relatives feel alone or being left alone. And many cannot find the help, support and care offers, especially if quick decisions are necessary.

This is why we would like to encourage timely dialogue and entering discussions. Collecting, bundling and providing essential information and thus creating a network.


  • By creating alternatives and occasions for discussions. Through training courses, campaigns, events, public relations.
  • By making all help, support and care offers, events and training courses known. Bundling them on a homepage and selectively distributing them. And making the contact partners in Stuttgart more visible.
  • By creating trust in the good care structure of Stuttgart and in open and confiding communication.


From 2012 on we are active through events, campaings and surveys in the urban districts of Sillenbuch and Vaihingen. From 2013 on in further urban districts.

Who are “we”?

Palliativ-Netz Stuttgart currently consists of 120 members. In Stuttgart we advocate quality of life, self-determination and dignity at the end of one’s life. As full-time and voluntary staff in hospices, palliative wards, contact and outreach clinics, nursing homes, as family doctors, therapists, committed citizens...

The main responsible body is Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart, having arranged 1.5 positions for full-time coordinators. In addition support is granted by e.g. BW-Stiftung for organizing events and public relations, Veronika-Stiftung for Netzwerktag 2010 as well as for the homepage and the City of Stuttgart for Netzwerktag 2011.

Join us!

Contact us! By networking or within the individual organizations you can commit yourself in many different ways.